My work is about painting my reality, using varied perceptions converging abstractly to weave a story.

Relying on story-telling to carry reality in a painting is the way I make my art. With this approach, I try to make figurative art that works more like an abstract painting. So, my paintings are representational, narrative and abstract at the same time.

The multi-panel work relies on the design structure of the comic book or graphic novel to make a cinematic montage of a perceived and imagined space. The interaction of the pictorial depictions in these montages becomes a distinctly psychological narrative.

Since the paintings operate on a psychological plane, sometimes with deliberately ambiguous imagery, the viewer has to examine and identify with each panel. By splitting the painting into separate screens that butt up against one another, the depicted forms move across the picture plane in formal relation to the rest of the color forms.

As the eye moves across the canvas. the viewer becomes drawn into an arabesque through the depicted spaces. As a result, the paintings begin to develop a kind of abstract narrative in addition to the psychological narrative.

I have used this framework of multiple panel narratives on and off for over 35 years. In terms of content, sometimes I have relied on literary  collaborations with poets, but now have been changing my approach and choose to make narrative from a more autobiographical point of view.

2013 - Tugboat Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Dec
2013 - Prospect Manor Open Studio Show, Brooklyn, NY,June 2-3
2012 - Brooklyn Museum GO Open Studio Show, Brooklyn, NY, September 8-9
2011 - 65 Fen Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
1986 - Semaphore Gallery, N.Y.C
1983 - Semaphore Gallery, N.Y.C.
1982 - Semaphore Gallery, N.Y.C.
1981 - Semaphore Gallery, N.Y.C.
1980 - Tuthill Gimprich Gallery, N.Y.C.
1976 - MFA Thesis Exhibition, Queens College

2013 - QAS Show: Webster Hall, New York., NY
2013 - Tugboat Gallery , Brooklyn, NY April
2012 - The Art Show: A Pop-up Gallery , PLG Arts, Prospect Lefferts Gdns., Bklyn., NY
2011 - Mural Painting Project - 64 Fenimore Street, Bklyn, NY
2009 - Mural Painting Project, Lincoln Place, PLG Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2009 - CinemArt – The Imagery of the movie in painting, 40 S9th St. Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC.
2005 - The International Show , Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, NYC.
1997 - Out of Toon - George Adams Gallery, NYC
1996 - Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC
1990 - The Nude : Gallery Six To Six, NYC.
1985 - Car Show: Herron Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
1985 - Golden Years: Tyler School of Art, Phila., Pa. : 50th Anniversary Show of Best
1985 - Masters of Mischief: Frumkin / Adams Gallery, NYC. Curated by George Adams
1984 - Candidates for Art Awards: American Academy and Institute of Arts & Letters,NYC
1983 - The Terminal Show, Harborside Industrial Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.
1983 - Faces Since the Fifties,Bucknell University. Curated by Michael Walls.
1983 - Bodies and Souls: Marissa Del Rey Gallery, Artist’s Choice Museum, NYC. Curated by J. Wilson.
1983 - The Famous Show: Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC.
1983 - The L.E.S.Show, (Lower East Side Show),P.S. 122, N.Y.C.. Curated by Robert Costa.
1982 - Dirty Pictures, Exit Art, NYC. Curated by Jeannette Ingberman.
1982 - Collection of Danielle & Jim Sotet, U. of Maryland Museum.
1981 - The Anxious Figure: Semaphore Gallery, NYC. with Robert Longo & Keith Haring Curated by Barry Blinderman.

2010-12 - Plush NY Mediazine, Founder, Editor - Chief - www. plushny.com
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1979-2009 – Publisher Down Under Manhattan Bridge Magazine, archive - http://www.dumbmag.com.
2009 - NYS Award Certificate of Merit - Lincoln Place, Bklyn. Mural Project
2003 - MENSA
1989 - National Endowment for the Arts - Artist Fellowship.
1984 - Candidate for Art Awards, American Academy & Institute of Arts & Letters., NYC.
1979 - National Endowment for the Arts -Artist Fellowship.
1976 - Henry Varnum Poor Memorial Fellowship Fresco Painting , Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.


Kresge Contemporary Art Museum, Univ of Michigan
NYU Fales Library, New York, NY
Rothmann-Pall Mall Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

BFA- Painting
Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA - Painting and Design
MFA- Painting
Queens College, City University of NY, Flushing, Queens, NY - Painting and Illustration
Painting and Fresco
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture; Skowhegan, Maine