humans learn and grow best in groups with other humans

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Hi! I’m Dan, a communication coach

I host live, in-person events that help people become the best versions of themselves

Groups facilitate transformational experiences in a powerful way you can’t get anywhere else. Having the loving support of others offers an opportunity to grow I haven’t seen in any other context.

“Let me start by saying the space you created was really… I struggle to find words for it, but beautiful. Your calm and open attitude and ability to listen made everyone feel an incredible amount of safety and even more so a sense of community. It was really meaningful to see people ask for each other’s information to share support, too. I already recommended the workshop to friends the next day!”

– Luis, workshop participant

upcoming events

workshop & program: courage camp

Summer, 2024 – Calgary, AB

workshop & program: build a business weekend

Summer, 2024 – Vancouver, BC

past events

workshop: life-changing conversations 2024

January 20th, 2024 – Vancouver, BC

workshop: life-changing conversations 2023

Summer, 2024 – Vancouver, BC

hi there!

about dan

Dan comes from the business world as a small business owner and communication consultant. He spent the past decade helping brands secure multi-million dollar government contracts through writing business proposals and creating powerful brands. 

More recently, he’s begun merge his business communications expertise with interpersonal communication skills. He’s travelled the world, spending over 22 days in retreat and hundreds of hours learning humanistic psychology and nonviolent communication, the languages of love.

Now he works with clients in workshop, 1 on 1, and group coaching settings. He helps people with communication, confidence, courage, and courage. 



marketing & business

For the past 10 years Dan has spent his professional life learning the ways of business communications. He owns a small consulting firm, Chosen Proponent, where he helps private architecture, engineering, and construction firms secure large government consulting project. 



coaching & speaking

Dan has spent the past two years studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Nonviolent Communication, and Psychodynamic therapy. He’s trained with world renowned psychologists, coaches, and trainers, helping him learn how to get people to maximize their potential. 


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