Calls for Connection

healing anxious attachment

relationship anxiety is one of the worst pains one can go through. we are tormented by the thing we cherish the most: a loving bond with someone we trust
this is because somewhere along the way we’ve learned that we cannot trust love
but there is a way to regain that trust, and it starts with our connection to ourself

Calls for connection:

Twice a month we get together to heal our anxious attachment style

Free live group community calls

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1st and 3rd weeks of the month

Specific monthly schedules and invite links will be sent to your email

we work together, collaboratively, to heal our anxiety

“my biggest fear is that I’m too much and they’ll move on and find someone else”
“when they don’t text back right away I start freaking out and imagine the worst”
“anytime they seem a bit off, I panic, feeling like they’re about to walk out the door”
“I don’t know how to talk to my partner. When I try to ask for what I want, I get shut down. I want to connect deeper but I don’t know what to do.”

Calls for Connection

our anxiety can be healed

Please, join us!

  • Shed the anxiety and finally feel secure in your relationship
  • Learn how to communicate and create a healthy, thriving relationship
  • Create more closeness and intimacy with your partner
  • Learn how to find a secure partner that can meet your needs and make you feel safe in relationship
  • Navigate conflict in a healhty way
  • Ditch the people-pleasing and learn to set healthy boundaries

“Let me start by saying the space you created was really… I struggle to find words for it but beautiful. Your calm and open attitude and ability to listen made everyone feel an incredible amount of safety and even more so a sense of community. It was really meaningful to see people ask for each other’s information to share support and encouragement in their own journeys. I already recommended the workshop to friends the next day!”

– Luis, coaching client

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