“Your workshop has been a catalyst for positive change in my life already! I was able to use my skills the very next day with a challenging conversation with my daughter. The empowerment I felt in expressing myself authentically, thanks to your teachings, strengthened our connection and helped resolve an ongoing issue. I wholeheartedly recommend your workshop to anyone seeking resolution in their relationships. Your approach is not only effective but also compassionate, creating a transformative experience that extends far beyond the workshop itself.”

– Fabia, workshop participant
“Let me start by saying the space you created was really… I struggle to find words for it but beautiful. Your calm and open attitude and ability to listen made everyone feel an incredible amount of safety and even more so a sense of community. It was really meaningful to see people ask for each other’s information to share support and encouragement in their own journeys. I already recommended the workshop to friends the next day!”

– Luis, workshop participant

“One of my favourite quotes was “we all have valid human needs but often use unfortunate strategies to get them filled.” That truly changed my perspective on why people do what they do. Everyone has needs. We all just need more training on how to communicate them. I used to weaponize and ruminate on thoughts rather than examining the vulnerable feelings and needs behind them. Now I’ve realized that it’s ok to ask for your needs to be met if you frame it as a request rather than a demand. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to my dearest friends and families because I want all of them to succeed in their relationships. It was a safe atmosphere where people could be raw and honest. This workshop gave people hope and hope is a very powerful thing. I walked in with strangers but walked out with friends.”

– Netanya, workshop participant

“Dan, I think you did a super super amazing job with this session. I felt safe and very supported through it and I’m very grateful you did this for all of us. Can’t thank you enough but THANK YOU! I really needed this and haven’t had a lot of opportunity to participate in something like this. I never talk about feelings and emotions in group settings (I look at it as a sign of weakness and always stick to science or evidence based topics) and I felt really comfortable sharing so many of my feelings with the group which I was quite surprised by. Now I feel more empowered to be there for myself a little better. I learnt that it is me who has to figure out what I’m feeling and how to show up for myself. I’ve been trying to do that a lot since I want to be someone I can count on instead of looking for someone to be there for me. I will highly highly recommend this workshop to others. If you have another session (similar or different) I would love love love to join!”

– Rucha, workshop participant

“I wish to take a moment to express my gratitude towards you and the opportunity to attend your workshop. You presented great information, tactics, perspectives, and ways-of-thinking that I haven’t personally considered before. I’ve already recommended the workshop to my friends because many people I know (including myself) haven’t been brought-up in environments where such healthy communication styles and tactics were demonstrated and exercised. I now feel more empowered to express my feelings, boundaries and requests with people”

– Ross, workshop participant
“I can’t believe how comfortable of a setting it was for such deep topics. Normally I would be terrified to talk in a group like that but I was really comfortable. Hearing the other people in the circle made me feel much less alone knowing there are others struggling in this area as well. I also walked away being less judgemental. I got a better understanding of why people behave the way they do and I feel so much lighter when I’m interacting with difficult people.”

– Cheyenne, workshop participant

“I heard about this workshop on Instagram and had no idea what to expect before I got there. I was nervous until I walked through the door, but you made it feel so safe and comfortable that I somehow was able to open up and share these personal things. Normally I don’t participate in anything and stay pretty quiet. After the workshop, I was able to start mending a difficult relationship with a family member. It’s the first time in a long time that I felt connection to them. I didn’t expect to leave a workshop with real tools to create meaningful change. I would recommend this workshop to everyone. This experience made me feel like my needs are important and I’m not too much. Definitely worth attending.”

– Alysha, workshop participant

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