Life Changing Conversations 2024: Vancouver, BC

Free, in-person, relationship workshop

January 20th, 2024   •   Saturday

Downtown Vancouver   •   9:30am – 5pm

what’s it about?


Eliminate defensiveness, criticism, and judgment by navigating conflict with care and compassion


How to communicate authentically so you can feel heard, seen, and appreciated


Bring back the connection, closeness, and intimacy you’ve been craving

“Your workshop has been a catalyst for positive change in my life already! I was able to use my skills the very next day with a challenging conversation with my daughter. The empowerment I felt in expressing myself authentically, thanks to your teachings, strengthened our connection and helped resolve an ongoing issue. I wholeheartedly recommend your workshop to anyone seeking resolution in their relationships. Your approach is not only effective but also compassionate, creating a transformative experience that extends far beyond the workshop itself.”

– Fabia, past participant

Workshop Overview

Module 1: Understanding our struggles

  • Why do we feel unfulfilled in relationships?
  • Why does conflict keep coming up?
  • What are we missing from our relationships?

Module 2: Breaking down our walls and opening up

  • How do we protect ourselves in relationship?
  • What strategies have we developed to keep us feeling safe that are no longer serve us?
  • How do these protection strategies hurt us more than they help?
  • How do these protection strategies prevent us from connecting deeply?

Module 3: Creating loving, enriching relationships

  • How do we shed our protection strategies and show up authentically?
  • How do we communicate in a way that reduces defensiveness and conflict?
  • How do we stand up for our needs and desires?
  • How do we break out of our unhelpful programming and be open and vulnerable?

“Let me start by saying the space you created was really… I struggle to find words for it but beautiful. Your calm and open attitude and ability to listen made everyone feel an incredible amount of safety and even more so a sense of community. It was really meaningful to see people ask for each other’s information to share support and encouragement in their own journeys. I already recommended the workshop to friends the next day!”

– Luis, workshop participant
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about me

your instructor:

experience and training

I’ve spent over 22 days in retreat learning humanistic psychology and nonviolent communication, the languages of love. I travelled the world and trained with some of the best trainers in the world from Canada, the United States, and as far as New Zealand. I also receive ongoing training from a world-renowned clinical psychologist, a relationship coach, and a registered clinical counsellor, ensuring I bring a comprehensive psychological approach to my clients. 

I’ve worked with dozens of clients in workshop, 1 on 1, and group coaching settings. I’ve helped people repair their relationships, heal anxious and avoidant attachment struggles, and create healthy ways of approaching communication and conflict.



nonviolent communication

I’ve spent over 22 days in retreat and hundreds of hours of training in the language of love: nonviolent communication. NVC is the most potent tool I’ve come across for deepening connections with others and ourselves.


psychodynamic therapy

With a combination of self-study and training 1 on 1 with a clinical psychologist, I use psychodynamic principles to help people understand their unconscious mind and motivations that drive unwanted behaviour.


internal family systems

IFS is an amazing tool to help people achieve understanding, self-acceptance, and control over unwanted relationship patterns. I am currently training with a IFS-trained clinical counsellor to develop this skillset.
“After our sessions something magical happens in my life, and I’m so so thankful! I was finally able to have a calm, loving conversation with my husband. I was able to stand up for my needs and tell him what is important for me. It’s so awesome I have you in my life. Thank you!”

– Svitlana, coaching client

Who is this workshop for?


People in relationships looking to reduce conflict, improve communication, and connect more deeply


Single people wanting to learn strong communication skills so they can rock their next relationship

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“I heard about this workshop on Instagram and had no idea what to expect before I got there. I was nervous until I walked through the door, but you made it feel so safe and comfortable that I somehow was able to open up and share these personal things. Normally I don’t participate in anything and stay pretty quiet. After the workshop, I was able to start mending a difficult relationship with a family member. It’s the first time in a long time that I felt connection to them. I didn’t expect to leave a workshop with real tools to create meaningful change. I would recommend this workshop to everyone. This experience made me feel like my needs are important and I’m not too much. Definitely worth attending.”

– Alysha, workshop participant
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